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Great Night at Dancers - Palenke Live

It seems like ages since I was in this room at Preston Grasshoppers as events here seem to be a bit more few and far between than they used to be. It's also a place that I used to come to for the weekly class so there are lots of good memories for me here too.

Tonight was a live performance from the ever popular Palenke and they did not let us down. Two great sets of danceable tunes played with verve and style.

It was good to see so many of our guys on the dance floor putting into practice what they've recently learned in class.

Great Time at Blackpool Tower Salsa

It was full to bursting, everyone was dressed to the nines and smiling and dancing like crazy people. The ballroom looked fab as always and elbows needed sharpened to 'defend' your space on it.

Yes, it was what is becoming a regular salsa event at what can only be called Blackpool Tower.

Lots of the regulars from the Sweet Salsa classes were there and as far as I could tell, all were getting lots of dances in. Good work guys..

Sweet Salsa Teaching At Lancaster Area Salsa 24th January 2015

Julia and Steve are bringing their unique brand of Cuban salsa teaching to this month's Lancaster (Cross Body style) salsa party.

We are hoping that the Lancaster regulars will enjoy going over to the 'dark side' and can start to enjoy moves with exotic sounding names - enchufla, dile que no, exhibela and more are on the menu for our one hour spot.

We are aiming the class at improver level dancers so there should be something for everyone on the night along with some other moves to take away and practise. Who knows, we might even gain a few converts.

Salsa Party Dates for 2015

As usual for 2015 it is party night on the first Saturday of the month in the Preston area with an event brough to you by Julia and Steve from Sweet Salsa.

As we have outgrown the old room we will be holding our parties at other venues- currently The Canberra Club at Samlesbury and Fulwood Tennis Club depending on availability.

Please check the website regularly for any changes or updates to these dates.

Dates for 2015 are:

Good Night at Blackpool Tower Salsa

Another great night for the Sweet Salsa gang was had at the November 2014 Blackpool Tower Salsa event.

It was a good turnout and everyone looked to be having a fab time as far as I could tell.

It was certainly a good place to practice Julia's much mentioned 'floor craft' as the place was heaving and space on the dancefloor (one of the biggest dancefloors in the UK) was very limited. "Small steps everybody!"

I think most of us got away without serious injury so the lessons must be working.


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