Student Teacher Nerves

a great salsa class june 2013Anyone who knows me or who come to class regularly will know that I would not be relishing the idea of taking our most recent Monday night salsa class on my own. But, deep breaths, I have taken one or two classes in the past. It's just that it's been a bit of a long time and I've got used to Julia Rice taking the reins and leading the classes. Anyone who knows both of us will not be surprised by that information.

So, why am I, Steve Marsden, in charge all of a sudden? Well, Julia has had to go to Hull to help with a family matter at short notice so rather than cancelling the class, this was the best option.

When Monday comes round I do admit that I was feeling a bit anxious right up to 8pm start time especially as this is turning out to be our busiest class of recent times. So it's front and centre for the beginners class and away we go. Five to ten minutes in and most of the nerves have gone and I'm wondering what all the fuss was about. The first hour flies by in a blur and the second is not far behind. We even come up with a new move that needs a name for next week so don't forget to bring your suggestions (it's the slow walking turn we did in hour two). Before I know it it's time to go home and everyone appears to have enjoyed themselves. Phew

As I write this it's not certain that Julia will be back for next week June 17th but this time I will not approach a class on my own with such trepidation. I might even start looking forward to it.

Thanks to everyone who came along and if any more of you would like to come along next week you are most welcome. I'll just have to practice SHOUTING LOUDER.