Salsa Classes June Offer

Dance salsa special offer - free classYou've always wanted to learn!

You're a bit nervous, not sure what to expect.

You feel it might be too difficult.

You don't know what the teachers are like.

You don't know if you'll feel welcomed.


These are concerns for everyone thinking about trying something new like a dance class. With us you will learn quite soon that all of the above are not as bad as you think. We will look after you and guide you slowly into the world of salsa while you learn the basics and build confidence on the dancefloor.

As a BONUS for May and June 2017 we are offering anyone who has wanted to try the chance to dance completely free of charge.

Simply come along to any of our classes at 7.00pm and we'll get you started.

If you find that you like it you will discover a world of new friends, weekends full of dancing, increased fitness and a whole new social life.

Now is the time to find out.

Contact us if you need more information.