The Salsa Class Levels Explained

So, you're thinking of joining our salsa classes but are a little apprehensive because you don't know where you might fit in with the classes.

You might be a brand new dancer or maybe have some experience at other dance classes. Maybe you are a competent cross body salsa dancer. Where does a person fit in inside Sweet Salsa classes?

We only have 3 levels of class - Beginner, Improver and Intermediate


beginner steps beginner card front

A beginner is someone who has never danced salsa before or has had a small number of salsa classes elsewhere. Maybe you are a person who danced some time ago but have forgotten the basics. This is the class for you.

The beginner classes cover the steps on the Level One Salsa Moves card. Click images above for details. Leaders (usually men) will learn to lead, followers (ladies) will learn to follow.

Depending on ability and confidence a person will spend 4 to 8 weeks in this class. When you feel you are ready (and it's really your decision) it's time for improvers..


improver moves improver card front

An improver is someone who knows basic steps and understands the basic timing required to dance salsa. You will also know the basics of leading and following.  If you already dance cross-body style salsa, this is where you start.

This class concentrates on the partner moves listed on the rear of the Improver Salsa Moves card. The moves that we do each week depends on who is in the class. If we have 'new' improvers we will try to make sure that we do the simpler moves from the list.

They all look complicated to begin with but in time most people become familiar with each move as time goes on. Once you are familiar with the improver moves and can do Sombrero, Setenta and Preciosa with a degree of confidence, and you can keep time with the music it's time for intermediates..


In this class you are putting everything together that you learned in the improver class. You are able to confidently and firmly lead if you are a leader and can follow a lead well if you are a follower.

The actual moves are more complex and intricate but almost always they are based around the fundamental steps learned in improvers.

If anyone is not sure which class they belong in please ask Julia or Steve for guidance.



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