Frequently Asked Questions - Salsa

  • I don't have a partner - Is that a problem? - No, absolutely not. Everyone is welcome. Whether you come along as a single woman or a single man you will get a great deal from attending our classes. We rotate partners very regularly during lessons so everyone dances with everyone else. We guarantee that you will soon meet new friends.
  • I'm nervous about learning a new skill - That's normal. Even skilled dancers started right were you are now and were probably nervous at first. We teach in a very informal way and there is no pressure to get things right. We prefer that you just have fun...
  • I have two left feet - Don't worry. You just THINK you can't dance! Follow our simple steps and you will soon be able to put together a simple routine that will look great.
  • Will I soon be able to dance like Vincent or Flavia? - We are dance teachers, not magicians.. Seriously, it takes each individual a different length of time to become comfortable with dancing salsa. One thing you will find is that you will have a big smile on your face while you learn.
  • Will I be at a disadvantage if I miss some weeks? - No, because we structure the lessons in a way that you can just pick up where you are comfortable. The first lesson is always for beginners so if you have missed anything you can always refresh the basics.
  • Do I need to book? - As we are emerging from Covid 19 restrictions it is adviseable to pre-book your class. Numbers may be limited so a ticket will guarantee entry.
  • Is it just lessons?. - No, we have a social dancing session when the teaching is over. We encourage everyone to stay after lessons to practice what you have learned. Julia and Steve are happy to dance with all students who stay for the social dancing after lessons..
  • What do I wear? - Anything light and comfortable. Dance shoes are helpful but not essential though you should not wear trainers or shoes that are heavy or grippy as sometimes you will need to spin on one foot. You will get hot though so a small towel for the guys and a fan for the ladies is advisable.
  • What age group is catered for? - Classes are for adults only and the ages will range from 18 to 80.
  • Is Cuban Salsa different to ordinary Salsa? - Most local classes in this area teach a style called 'cross body' salsa dancing. This is a quite upright and precise style where the dancers change places from one side to the other during the dance. It also involves multiple spins for the ladies. Cuban style is a bit more relaxed and the couple dance in a constant circular motion around each other. In our opinion Cuban style is a bit more fun and allows more freedom on the dancefloor. And it takes up less space.
  • I'm very nervous about joining a new group and being among more experienced dancers - We now have a tailored course ideal for people like you - a six week absolute beginners salsa course where you will learn the basics in a more leisurely manner.
  • If you have more questions - Phone Julia on 07931 721697.

It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

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