Clitheroe's ON FIRE!

Son Yambu live in ClitheroeThat was the verdict of one of the slightly surprised and not very sober local who was making his way through the crowd at the El Tapeo after-party.

Though not literally on fire the place was fairly jumping. The boys from Son Yambu had joined us for some drinks and dancing after the main event and the small tapas bar was straining to contain all the people there. As you would imagine everyone who had space was dancing - this was the reason for Mr Local's exclamation. I don't think he'd seen anything quite like it before.

It was the perfect end to what had already been a fantastic evening - 200 people witnessed a fabulous performance from the London based salsa band in one of the North West's best venues, the hidden gem that is The Grand at Clitheroe.

Support, if you can call it that, was provided by Julia and Steve with a beginners rueda class - a mix of every conceivable level of ability combined to make this a really enjoyable class. For us at least, even though Julia's head mic didn't want to co-operate. We hope that the short taster session might encourage more new people into the salsa world. We certainly got lots of encouraging feedback.

The band played a fantastic set. Upbeat music all the way through with the emphasis on salsa rather than their more traditional 'Son'. The only downside was that it was over too soon! Hence the reason that the afterparty was so firey.

We made our way home at 2am and left the hardcore revellers to it.

Fab Night!