Great Night at The Engine Shed

The engine shed salsa venue wetherbyFor almost as long as I've been doing salsa I've been aware of a venue in Yorkshire called the Engine Shed - it appears to have almost mythical status among those in the know. So after all these years and as we are at a loose end Julia suggests a visit as Yersin Rivas is giving a Cuban class this weekend at this venue. I could hardly say no so it's bags packed and off to Wetherby in search of this fabled ex-railway building.

As those of you who have been will know, it's a cracking place though maybe a bit smaller than I was expecting. And we are later than we want to be so have missed the lesson - no problem I suppose as it's time to dance.

We hear (and see) that it's mostly cross-body style in this part of the world but as theres a Cuban teacher present there is a respectful tendancy tonight for music from his home country. So, for us we've picked a good night.. There are also some familiar faces from our area - hi Sarah and Dorothy.

I don't think I have any complaints - good atmosphere, good dancers, friendly people, free buffet food if you wanted it, good music and lots of great dances. I think we will return. Happy punters..

Picture courtesy of the Engine Shed website