Great Salsa Party at Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Salsa at the Tower BallroomWell, they said it would be a good one and not everyone believed the pre-event hype but you can't deny that the August 2013 salsa party at Blackpool Tower was a top night.

A great turn out with lots of familiar and not so familiar faces and this event seems to have recaptured the reason why we always used to love coming here. Great room, fabulous floor, loads of good dancers and none stop salsa dancing until 2am.

The Sweet Salsa contingent all had good things to say and looked like they all had a good time.

For me, the music was ok though not really to my taste and the DJs Gillian Salsa-Fix and Les Mancuban did a great job keeping everyone on their feet. So much so that complaints of sore joints and hips could be heard at the end of the night.

I lost count of the number of ladies I danced with but every one was a pleasure. If I missed you grab me next time..