Salsa Party August 2013 Longridge, near Preston

August Salsa party in PrestonIt seems that there is always something else going on to compete with when we put on salsa parties these days - Usually it's another salsa party in the Northwest area (that's not really a bad thing as it's good to have a choice sometimes) but this time we have a larger foe - Russell Watson the super (and local-ish) pop-opera singer is in the area tonight blasting out his tunes at this years Lytham Proms. Before the event, as usual, I'm wondering if anyone will come and Russell is making me more nervous than normal.

I needn't have worried. This event is well attended and as the room is quite small we have more than enough attending to make it one of our best parties of the year.

It was great to see friends from old as well as some of our newer dancers all having a great time.

Anyway, thanks everyone and below are a few pics from a great evening.. and hope to see you next time.



having fun salsa dancing in Preston Cuban salsa dancers in Lancashire
Two couples dancing salsa Teacher leads a rueda or Cuban Wheel at the salsa party
Enjoying the music at Sweet Salsa Salsa dancing at Longridge Conservative Club
Latin dancers enjoying a dance All smiles at the salsa dancing party