Salsa at The Pickerings with Leigh and Ash and La Tinto Brothers

La Tinto BrothersThis seems to be developing into an annual event.

Last year saw the celebration of Leigh's birthday/Ash's birthday/wedding anniversary take place at the Wierd Fish in St Michaels and as that was such a success it was decided that the event would be held again.

Well, the Wierd Fish is no longer open (and there is a story behind that as far as I can tell, but that is for another time) so an alternative venue was needed and what better is there for us than our Wednesday salsa venue: The Pickerings in Catterall.

Leigh and Ash had worked hard to get the room kitted out to give a real party atmosphere and the guests reciprocated by throwing themselves head-long into the salsa classes given by Julia.

A lively rueda followed the teaching and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face so appeared to go well, if a bit messy from time to time. But, that's rueda for you.

La Tinto Brothers took to the stage after the barbecue and gave a fab performance of some great Cuban salsa tunes.

More fine music followed and the night was ended in traditional (can it be called 'traditional' after 2 times?) style with 'I've had the time of my life' from the film Dirty Dancing.

The die hards then retire to the bar for the after party and then home to bed in time for 3.00am.

Here's to next year..