Sweet Salsa Teaching At Lancaster Area Salsa 24th January 2015

Julia and Steve are bringing their unique brand of Cuban salsa teaching to this month's Lancaster (Cross Body style) salsa party.

We are hoping that the Lancaster regulars will enjoy going over to the 'dark side' and can start to enjoy moves with exotic sounding names - enchufla, dile que no, exhibela and more are on the menu for our one hour spot.

We are aiming the class at improver level dancers so there should be something for everyone on the night along with some other moves to take away and practise. Who knows, we might even gain a few converts.

We are looking forward to having lots of social dances too so if you see us at the side of the dance floor, please ask us to dance - we never say no.

The venue is University of Cumbria, Lancaster campus, Social bar, LA1 3JD and starts at 7.45pm.