Tempo Latino Vic-Fezensac France

Here are some images from two UK salsa dancers trip to this wonderful salsa festival located in the Gers region of South West France, close to the Pyrenees mountains.

If you're ever in the mood for a long weekend of dancing salsa in the sun (and sometimes rain) this is the dance event for you.

It's held on the last weekend in July each year and has been running for more than 25 years to date.

Salsa dancing literally takes over the town of Vic-Fezensac for three nights. There are live bands in the bullring - this year's bill was headed by Kassav and Abraham Abreu and Havana D'Primera and they each generated an electric atmosphere in the arena. Outside the arena there is dancing as far as the eye can see - numerous bars with dancefloors and when the floor is full people simply dance outside on the street - in their thousands! The fun lasts well into the early hours until everyone retires to recharge for tomorrow.

As well as salsa (mainly Cuban as far as we can tell - especially at Mano a Mano) there is also some bachata, zouk, kizomba and even a bit (a very small bit) of hip hop and street dance.

There's also a lively street market selling everything from tasty snacks to clothing to fans to musical intruments. Something for everyone.

Will we be there for 2020? Quite possibly, yes.