Beginner and Improver Dominican Bachata

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As time goes on there seems to be an ever increasing number of styles of Bachata dance. From the recognisable (for most of us) Italian Style to the more recent Moderna and Sensual styles.

Even though Moderna and Sensual are gaining popularity with those who like the very close and often explicit moves, here at Sweet Salsa we prefer the more traditional Dominican Style which gives the dancers room to move and doesn't require such a close hold.

That is why we have organised this special Bachata workshop day for both beginners and improvers who want to learn this lovely and sometimes challenging dance.

The day will be split into morning and afternoon sessions:

The morning (10.30am to 12.30pm with a 15 minute break) is specifically for those new to Bachata and would like to learn the basic steps from scratch. Click here to book the morning session only

The afternoon session (1.30pm to 4.30pm with short breaks for coffee and biscuits) is a continuation from the morning class and is suitable for anyone who has previously done some Bachata. Click here to book the afternoon session only

Dancers can choose to do morning or afternoon or both sessions and as always we will try to balance the numbers of leaders and followers.

Please Note: If you are unsure as to which group you belong in please contact Julia on 07931721697 for advice. Everyone is welcome for beginners but please be aware that the improver class might be beyond your ability if your experience is limited. You must be confident that you are able to do basic steps without instruction.

Please use the Paypal links above to book your place on this workshop. Don't delay as it is bound to be a sellout!



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