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Beat the Price Increase

save money flyer

Finally the time has come. We have kept our class prices the same since 2010 but due to increased costs and to bring us more into line with other similar classes we have made the decision to put up prices. Not much, just a little.

From the beginning of November 2018 classes will be £6 per person (£4 for students) for the full evening and the party nights at the Canberra Club will be £7.

Save Money

There's good news for regular attendees though with 2 ways to save money and beat the increase.

Bachata for Beginners and Improvers

Bachata class Wednesdays in Preston

People often ask us when we are going to teach bachata again and we've been debating when we could fit a class in.

Recently we made the decion and we are pleased to announce that from August 1st 2018 Sweet Salsa will hold weekly bachata classes for beginners and improvers on Wednesdays at 9.15pm.

This is directly after the current salsa class at St Walburge's Community Hall, Weston Street, PR2 2QJ.

The price is still £5 for the evening - so that's a salsa class and bachata class for one payment of £5.

Tonights Salsa Class is ON

football is coming home

As you all will no doubt know by now - football is coming home and tonight is the latest stop on it's 52 year journey.

The big question is, of course - Is Sweet Salsa at St Walburge's on Tonight?

The answer is YES it is. As normal from 8pm

Beginner and improver classes for one hour and there's a free practice and social dancing session at 9.00pm

At a Loose End Tonight?

It seems that there is some kind of footie match on tonight, but fear not, the Samlesbury salsa class is on as normal.

There's the usual classes from 8pm - beginners and improvers, with intermediate to follow at 9.15ish.

It's a fully air conditioned room (and it'll be on full blast) so we should be relatively cool.

So, for an alternative form of entertainment, why not join us later.

Everyone is welcome.

New Start Time for Beginners Thursdays at Samlesbury

We're back from Cuba and are raring to go with top quality salsa dance lessons. Just like before.

Please Note though, the new start time for Thursday beginner classes at Samlesbury.

Both of the beginners' and improver classes will start at 8pm from 3rd May 2018.

There will be no change in the lessons themselves, just that for beginners the start is 1 hour later than before.

If you have questions please let us know.

St Walburges off to a flying start

many people dancing salsa at St Walburges Community Hall

It was with a bit of apprehension that we arrived at St Walburge's but it's been a cracking start to our Wednesday classes with a good number of dancers old and new joining us for an enjoyable couple of hours.

Walburge's Wednesdays looks like it's going to be an ideal opportunity for all levels of dancers to come together to learn and socialise in the coming weeks and months.

So, if you are free on a Wednesday evening you will be more than welcome to join us. Beginners are more than welcome. Call Julia on 07931 721697 if you need more information.

Farewell to Fulwood

Join us to bid farewell to Fulwood this evening, 28th February 2018.

We've been teaching salsa here since January 2014, so that's 4 years of smiles and new friends. Where has that time gone?

The weather doesn't look great but, if you can, get your sledge out and join us for one final night of learning and fun.

There's a complete beginner class at 7pm followed by beginner level 2 and improvers at 8pm. After that, it's just dancing until everyone leaves.

Sweet Salsa Event Calendar

Want to know what's on at Sweet Salsa?

Well, we have a brand new colour-coded Event Calendar for your convenience.

Take a look at for more.

We have weekly classes, parties and weekend events all listed in an easy to follow format so that you won't miss a single thing from this point forward..

Check back regularly as it will be kept 100% up to date.


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