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Salsa Party Dates for 2015

As usual for 2015 it is party night on the first Saturday of the month in the Preston area with an event brough to you by Julia and Steve from Sweet Salsa.

As we have outgrown the old room we will be holding our parties at other venues- currently The Canberra Club at Samlesbury and Fulwood Tennis Club depending on availability.

Please check the website regularly for any changes or updates to these dates.

Dates for 2015 are:

Good Night at Blackpool Tower Salsa

Another great night for the Sweet Salsa gang was had at the November 2014 Blackpool Tower Salsa event.

It was a good turnout and everyone looked to be having a fab time as far as I could tell.

It was certainly a good place to practice Julia's much mentioned 'floor craft' as the place was heaving and space on the dancefloor (one of the biggest dancefloors in the UK) was very limited. "Small steps everybody!"

I think most of us got away without serious injury so the lessons must be working.

We're in the local paper!

Ladies dancing together at Sweet Salsa classWe're the talk of the town of Blackburn today with a big story in the Telegraph. Basically an appeal for male dancers to join us at our Thursday class at the Golf Club.

Excellent photos and videos taken this week and thanks to all who were there and contributed.

Oh, the story complete with videos is also on the Blackburn Telegraph website - yay!


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