New Dance Class Venue Search

As some of you know already we are on the lookout for a new venue for our Wednesday evening dance classes as The Pickerings has sadly had to close it's doors. Well, it's not proving to be all that easy to find a suitable room in the Garstang area. None of the pubs seem to have function rooms and the only thing we've found so far is an old church hall that is due to be demolished anytime soon so you can imagine what that is like.

Where to Go?

Hmm, a bit of a dilemma tonight but it's kind of resolved itself and now no decision needs to be made.
Question was - go to Nick's Salsa Pa'ti do at Grasshoppers with the fab Palenke or Phils Salsa Northwest party at Botany Bay?
I like both.
Palenke are reliably good and Phil's events in Chorley have been quite entertaining of late.
Maybe go to both..
Anyway, stop, no need for me to ponder any more - I have a stinking cold and will be staying in tonight.
Julia is still going though and she will fill me in no doubt.

Great Night of Salsa in Blackpool

Thanks to Alan and Carol of Noches de Salsa for a great evening on Friday 14th September.
If you haven't been to one of their parties before, you will find a really friendly, relaxed evening with some great (mostly) Cuban salsa tunes.
I, for one, always have a great time here and would recommend anyone to go along and give it a try.
If you do make it please come and find me (Steve from Sweet Salsa) and ask me for a dance.. That would make me very happy.

Weekend without Salsa..

Well, that was a long weekend - no dancing at all for Julia and I.
We were busy Friday night doing something else anyway and weren't too bothered at that stage as we were heading up to Lancaster for the LA Salsa party at Cumbria University the following night.
Or so we thought...
What actually happened was that we spent a long 2 HOURS on the M55 stuck in traffic.

Playing Postie

<p>Tomorrow Steve and I will be out and about in the Longridge area playing postie with flyers for our new 6 weeks beginners course starting on Monday 3rd September at Longridge Con Club and Wednesday 5th Sept at The Pickerings. </p> <p>And on Saturday we will be part of the Preston Guild Parade through Preston town centre all strapped up with speakers and dancing in the streets!!! Wahey!! So expecting lots of cheering support along the way please ;-D</p>