We're in the local paper!

Ladies dancing together at Sweet Salsa classWe're the talk of the town of Blackburn today with a big story in the Telegraph. Basically an appeal for male dancers to join us at our Thursday class at the Golf Club.

Excellent photos and videos taken this week and thanks to all who were there and contributed.

Oh, the story complete with videos is also on the Blackburn Telegraph website - yay!

Two Cracking Nights of Salsa

The June 2014 salsa party night took place for the first time at Fulwood Tennis Club last Saturday and I for one thought it went really well.

I was a bit concerned that the room could be a bit less 'sociable' than our Longridge room. But, no need to worry, as most people that I have asked have given it the thumbs up. They liked the accessible bar and the outside area for cooling off so we might have another event here sometime soon but we would like more of your feedback so let us know what you thought..

Bank Holiday - Class is on as usual, nearly..

Please note the date of this post - we no longer teach a class on Bank Holidays.

If you are free this Bank Holiday Monday May 26th 2014 and looking for something to do - you are welcome to join us for our usual Salsa class at The Conservative Club in Longridge at 8.00pm.

I say as usual, but it's not quite - Julia is away for two weeks and Steve is left holding the fort for the time she is away and this is the first class with Steve in charge..

Doing the Bank Holiday (this time)

Please note the date of this post - we no longer hold classes on Bank Holidays

We hear that we slipped up last Bank Holiday (Easter Monday) and someone turned up to class after travelling some distance to find that the room was deserted and no salsa was taking place. Yeah, should have made an announcement to let everyone know - that's one of the things that the website should be for. Take a note Steve!

So this Bank Holiday - May Day - May 5th 2014 we are holding a class as usual for a Monday evening. Class is on and we will be there. We promise!