Clitheroe Bachata ends - back to salsa this week

Enjoying the salsa class

Our Clitheroe class has enjoyed 2 months of Bachata during September and October and seems to have gone down really well in the class as a whole.

However, November sees us starting a new round of complete beginner salsa classes so this class will return to salsa for the duration of the evening.

So, starting this week we have Complete Beginner and Improver salsa from 8pm to 9pm followed by an extra Improver salsa class from 9.15pm.

This will remain the format for the forseeable future but we may return to bachata some time depending on demand.

What a Great Week!

Happy people dancing salsa

Well done to all of our new dancers who attended Sweet Salsa lessons over the last few weeks.

It makes us happy to see so many smiling faces in class.

We hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks.

So it's a big thank you to you all from Julia and Steve for generating such a fabulous atmosphere each and every week.

Bachata Tuesdays in Sept and Oct 2016

Bachata Classes Tuesdays Lancashire

Due to popular demand we have been teaching an introduction to Dominican style bachata at our Tuesday night classes at Clitheroe.

So popular have they become with our regulars that we have decided to make Tuesdays our night for a regular bachata class throughout September and October 2016.

If you have ever wanted to learn this beautiful dance from The Dominican Republic then you are most welcome to join us.

There is the usual improvers salsa class from 8-9pm and the bachata follows at 9.15pm to 10pm.

Beginner Courses Start Sept 6th 2016

Beginner salsa classes September 2016

Don't miss out! Our popular 6 week salsa courses for complete beginners restart in the week beginning September 5th 2016.

Join us for fun and friendly classes at three venues in central Lancashire and learn the basic steps of the beautiful dance that is Salsa.

Classes start at 8.00pm and we cover everything from first steps to your first simple dance routines.

The fun is guaranteed and it may just change your life.

Sweet Salsa on Radio Lancashire July 7th 2016

Radio Lancashire

Salsa on the radio - tomorrow, July 7th, on Radio Lancashire at 7.45am. Sweet Salsa have been given the task of teaching presenter Graham Liver the flavour of salsa dancing in just 15 minutes! Video is also being broadcast LIVE on the Radio Lancashire Facebook page. Be sure to tune in and hear/see the fun as it it happens.

See the Live Recorded Video of Graham learning to salsa on our Facebook Page

Appeal for Ladies at Thursday Evening Class

This is an appeal to all ladies who would like to learn to dance in the Preston and Blackburn areas.

Our Thursday night class is proving so popular with the guys that they now regularly outnumber the ladies. I didn't think I'd ever say this but we have TOO MANY MEN!

We are not fully sure why this is the case and it is a very unusual state of affairs for a dance class - especially as this is based on the average attendance over the LAST TEN WEEKS.

Sweet Salsa teaching at Salsa Fix June 2016

Salsa Fix Hindley, Wigan

Julia and Steve from Sweet Salsa have been invited by Gillian at Salsa Fix to teach a class prior to the party on June 17th 2016.

We are planning a fun Rueda style class which will be approximately Improver level.

If you've never done rueda before, come along and start to learn this progressive, almost barn dance, style of salsa.

Rueda is a traditional form of salsa that is danced all over Cuba and is a great way of meeting other dancers.

We both hope to see as many people as possible and look forward to a great evening of dancing.

Beginner Courses Restart June 7th 2016

Beginner salsa classes June 2016

Our popular six-week beginner courses restart just after Whitsun on the second week of June at our usual venues.

June 7th at Clitheroe, June 8th at Fulwood and June 9th at Samlesbury.

If you are nervous about starting (almost everyone is at first) you will find a warm welcome at your first class and will soon make lots of new friends.

And you never know, it might just change your life.

A Great Day Learning Bachata with Felipe

The bachata gang. April 2016

It was a great (and full) day of learning Dominican style bachata on Saturday April 23rd 2016.

Julia and Steve kicked off the morning with a run-through of lots of basic Dominican style steps to get everone warmed up for the main event in the afternoon.

After lunch Felipe really cranked up the speed and made us work - explaining that when students pay good money to attend it is necessary to introduce them to new things. He also pointed out that it is not necessary to learn everything all at once but to take away a few new techniques and to practice and develop these later.